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The Best Psychiatrists in Dwarka, Delhi for Panic Disorder Treatment

People with the panic disorder go through abrupt, severe episodes of terror or anxiety. These episodes can be brought on by a variety of circumstances, ranging from one that is often risk-free, such as being in an elevator, to one that could be harmful, such as being in a new location.

People with panic disorder may experience these episodes repeatedly, and they can be extremely disruptive to daily life. They may feel like they're having a heart attack or having a stroke, and they may feel like they can't catch their breath or move.

Up to 11% of Americans have panic episodes each year. A small percentage of them—2% to 3%—go on to develop panic disorder.

There are numerous reasons for panic disorder, and it's not always obvious which one is to blame for the condition the most. However, it is widely accepted that both hereditary and environmental variables have a role in the development of panic disorder.

Symptoms of Panic Attack / Disorder

Typically, panic episodes start abruptly and without warning. Anytime, whether you're driving, at the mall, fast asleep, or in the middle of a business meeting, they can happen. You could experience panic episodes infrequently or regularly.

Some of these symptoms or indicators are frequently present during panic attacks:

Fear of impending disaster or peril
Fear of losing control or passing away
A hammering, rapid heartbeat
Trembling or Quivering
Breathing difficulties or throat discomfort
A hot flash
Cramps in the abdomen
Chest Pain
the feeling of being faint or dizzy
The feeling of numbness or tingling

Although the exact cause of panic episodes or panic disorder is unknown, the following factors might be involved:

  • Genetics
  • major anxiety

temperament that is more vulnerable to anxiety or other undesirable feelings

Various modifications to how certain brain regions work

Panic attacks can sometimes occur suddenly and without warning at first, but over time, they are often brought on by pleasant circumstances.

The fight-or-flight reaction your body has to danger, according to some studies or the best psychiatrist in Dwarka, may play a role in panic attacks. If a grizzly bear came after you, for instance, your body might respond automatically.

Your breathing and pulse rate would quicken as your body braced for a potentially fatal circumstance your coronary heart fee and respiration could accelerate as your frame organized for a life-threatening situation.

If you or a person you already know struggles with panic disorder, even as residing in Delhi, then you may take assistance from psychiatrists in Delhi and Rajinder Nagar.

The top psychiatrist in Rajinder Nagar and Dwarka, Delhi, Dr. Ashitabh, specializes in treating panic attacks and anxiety, and he can assist you in getting your life back on track so that you may resume living normally.

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